Topsy Turvey Doll

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These stunning vintage inspired dolls will bring back memories of days gone by. These dolls were popular back when quality toys reigned and most little girls would have just one or two special dolls.

The Topsy Turvey Doll magically turned one special doll into two!

Each doll has two 'sides' and you can choose to have them similar in theme or quite different.

Both sides do need to have a long skirt though! hide her 'second head' ;)

Base cost of doll includes the two long skirts and a simple style hand painted face - you can 'add' an upgrade to large painted eyes if you wish. (please see the last photo as an example of the large handpainted eyes)

Common options include:

  • different skin colour and/or hair colour on each side.
  • one side asleep and one side awake
  • one side pastel and one side brights
  • one side long hair and one side short

As part of the custom ordering process I can send 3 or 4 different fabric options once we decide on the general colour scheme or theme, or you can leave the final fabric selection to me and enjoy a surprise once your doll is complete.

You can add extras to your order (like the little teddy pictured) or a matching dress for your little girl - please message me or email to discuss.

Customer note: Please choose the large shipping option due to size of the finished dolly.

Note: As with all Lille Bee products, these dolls are intended for gentle supervised play by children over three years of age due to the possibility of loose parts or danger of suffocation by small children and babies - please do not place dolls or toys in babies cots for safety reasons.