Introduction & FAQs

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I'm Nikki - I'm mama to 3 crazy little people - Benji, Lily May and Lucas. They are my world, and it's a world of creative imagination. I love nothing more than making their imaginative creations come to life. We love to go on adventures together, have tea parties and create worlds of whimsy and delight. They amaze me constantly and I am learning from them every single day. When my daughter was a baby I decided to also start making for others, so that I could share this creativity with other families and so Lille Bee was born

Where does the name 'Lille Bee' come from?
Lille Bee comes from a little song I used to sing to my daughter in the (futile) hope that she would go to sleep! She didn't sleep through the night until she was 3!

What are my favourite things to make?
Some of my favourite work is the matching sets...either a doll/toy and clothing set or a 'dolly and me' clothing set where I make a dress or outfit for child and doll that match. I love it when my customers give me a loose brief or direction and i can run with it! My mind never stops creating and imagining and I love a challenge - so if you're after something you don't see listed here or on my facebook or Instagram please ask, we just might be able to make it happen.

What types of bears and toys can become 'Memory Bears'?
Almost all of my designs can be made to incorporate clothing from aloved one and include favourite colours, fabrics and personalised embroidery. Please message me or email to discuss, I often work with grieiving families to identify which designs might best suit their family/whanau/friends and situation. I offer designs at all priced points and LayBuy and Credit Card payment options to help spread the cost.